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DWM downloadable and streaming releases on Bandcamp.

DWM news and links on Facebook.

DWM demo recordings and works in progress on Soundcloud.

DWM videos on Youtube.

DWM CD, vinyl and cassette releases for sale on Discogs.


DWM members and friends

Rich Ferguson was an original member of DWM all those years ago.

Adrian Gormley is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has several projects going besides DWM.

Jad Fair recorded several songs with DWM.

John Eberly is still painting and making music.

Peter Schuster can be contacted through his label Prion Music.

Jello Biafra owns and operates the best punk rock label around: Alternative Tentacles.

Ski-King is a well known singer today in Germany.

Friends of DWM are De Farbriek.

Marc Behrens is still very active in the experimental music and art scene.



eMpTy Records. Our home label.

Attenuation Circuit is a fine label out of Augsburg that has released several DWM titles.

Tourette Records is a high profile label out of the United States.

Verato Project have a very informative homepage.

Licht-ung is a German label dedicated to handmade vinyl releases and books.

Sympathy For The Record Industry. DWM put out a single once on this legendary label.

RRRecords. One of the worlds longest running and best known industrial labels.

Korm Plastics have a very informative homepage.

Although it doesn't seem as if they do their label or magazine anymore, the Forced Exposure site is still worth a visit if you are looking for obscure music.



84 GhZ in Munich has exhibited the paintings of Joseph B. Raimond several times.

The Galeriehaus in Nuernberg has supported DWM for years.

Jule Baumeister has a wonderful little gallery in Munich.

Paintings by Joseph B. Raimond have been shown in Paris at Gallery KO21.

A great gallery in Berlin is the Zero Gallery.



Gebrauchte Musik is a magazine devoted to home recording

Moremusic is an internet site reviewing all types of music, run by our friend John Sharpen.



Showcasing experminental music, the Braille Satellite Festival is held every year in Lithuania.