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Artist: Joseph B. Raimond

Title: Mastodon

Label: Mirran Thought Format: Book Catalog #: Read Twentynine (MT-659) Release Date: January 2nd, 2024

Is this a novel? Is there a plot buried somewhere in these pages? Hard to tell. But there are characters, and somehow, a story does seem to emerge from this strange book. Follow the thrilling adventurs of the mastodon together with his companions the boobage brigade, Maynard and his even hotter tamale, Zipper Ripper, Eric Hysteric and the booger boys, as they navigate the world of surreal writing. Inspired by some of the nonsense spam that continues to bombard Joseph B. Raimond's inbox, these 152 pages are a book like you have never read in your life! Includes disturbing art for each chapter by Joseph.