Similar to the Edges series, Joseph B. Raimond's series of Plop Art works dates back thirty years and involves a very extensive series of works. Coined twenty years ago by Dave Fanning of the Apostles, Plop Art involves random "plops" or splatters of color or ink onto a painting surface, the forms of which suggest perhaps further, recognizable forms, which are then worked into a painting or drawing. Due to the spontaneous nature of the creative process and the speed at which they can be formed, Joseph B. Raimond considers them the graphic equivalent to punk rock music. Indeed, the often harsh nature of the subject matter reminds one of the lyrical content of much good punk music. The sheer amount of works and hence, releases, dictates that we devide the various series of releases into sub-pages. Besides the series listed below, Plop Art works have found their way onto many other DWM audio and book releases as cover art. Exhibitions of Plop Art are also featured in our e-gallery.

The Best Of Plop Art. A series of hardcover picture books featuring many of the best and most controversial from the last thirty years of Plop Art.

Daily Plop. A series of graphics-only CD-R releases on Hand-made that feature complete years of the extensive "Daily Plop" series of Plop Art paintings.

Plop Art. Little eight page black and white booklets given away free.