For those of you already somewhat aquainted with MT, it is probably pretty obvious that DWM has turned into a kind of "house" band. Indeed, both MT as a label and DWM as a recording project are very much inter-related and were formed at the same time by the same people. In fact, the idea to start a label mainly resulted from the wish to have an outlet to release the many recordings of DWM. Since there are so many DWM releases on virtually all kinds of formats and in virtually every musical style and spanning a time period of over a quarter century, it seemed like our standard format of simply listing the releases one after the other wouldn´t work, so as an exception to the rule, the various DWM releases have been put into sub-groups. Note that some releases might fit into more than one catagory below.

Please note, this is meant to augment our already published discography, to give much more in-depth info on each release, with a picture of the cover and info on label, how many were made and who played on each release. For general info on DWM, including news, info on concerts and exhibitions, please refer to our homepage.

Audio Releases:

Ambient. DWM's opus project dedicated to the world of ambient music.

Anniversary Editions. To celebrate various MT milestones, DWM released these vinyl albums in extremely limited editions of only twenty copies each

Attenuation Circuit. DWM releases on this fine label from Augsburg, Germany

Cassettes on MT Undertainment. DWM used the medium of cassette to release a large amount of their considerable early output, many on their own label, MT Undertainment.

Cassettes on other labels. DWM was part of a thriving cassette scene in the 80s and 90s.

CDs on Musical Tragedies. Before Mirran Threat and MissmanagemenT were formed as MT sublabels, DWM also put out a few CDs on Musical Tragedies.

CDs on other labels. DWM hasn't only put out CDs on MT.

Clockwork Tapes. DWM releases on this revived and revamped label out of Nuernberg.

Collaborations. Collaborating with other established artists has always been an important part of the DWM philosophy.

Controlled Bleeding. DWM released two split releases with this renowned experimental band.

Early cassettes. The humble beginnings of DWM can be traced to San Francisco and the recordings made at the San Francisco State University electronic music studio.

EBUs Music. DWM has released several projects on this fine label out of Frankfurt

Endless Cassettes. These releases were released on three minute long endless cassettes.

Edges. A project spanning over two decades, and involving a book as well as an ongoing series of both paintings and recordings, and even ceramics!

Handmade. Handmade is a sub-label of Mirran Threat that releases individually copied audio and graphic CD-Rs, in the spirit of the old cassette scene.

Historical Obscurity. A series of CDs on our MissmanagemenT label that feature remixed and re-recorded versions of tracks from old releases.

Industries. Harsh experimental vinyl releases, always limited to 23 copies.

Label samplers. For these releases, DWM had several labels pitch in together to finance and distribute these records.

Live recordings. Yes, DWM has played live, but not often. All concerts have been recorded, and each is totally different.

Machines Don't Bleed. A set of releases that promote DWM's interest in machines and technology.

Mirran Threat. A label devoted to releases by DWM.

MissmanagemenT. Free albums released on CD.

Momentum. These two CD-R releases center around the "Momentum" series by Joseph B. Raimond, and include music by DWM and in collaboration with Tesendalo.

More songs about snakes and fish. A series of releases in extraordinary packaging and formats.

MT3. These releases are available on our download label MT3, available through Bandcamp in high quality WAV format.

Nostalgie De La Boue. Free download releases by DWM and many other artists on this fine internet label.

Not Recorded. A series of releases in collaboration with Tesendalo using sounds that were never recorded!

Picture Discs. Limited edition picture disc vinyl.

Prion. DWM has released several cassette releases on Peter Schuster's Prion label.

Progressive Punk. A massive project, spread over several years, and released as a series of mini-CDs.

RRRecords. DWM also has the honour of having released (co-released with eMpTy Records) two albums on the renowned industrial-experimental label RRRecords. Both are special, as Severe Pig was our first vinyl album, and Odds, Sods and Dirtclods was a three album boxed set.

Sack. DWM has recorded some fine material that has been recorded and released together with their friend Harald "Sack" Ziegler.

Schnitzler. DWM has recorded several collaboration projects with our late friend Conrad Schnitzler.

Shaped Records & Weird Vinyl. As lovers of vinyl, it must come as no surprise that DWM themselves have experimented with weird forms of vinyl

Slow. Based on a concept by DWM member Ralf Lexis, this series of releases spanned an incredible 12 years. Three different releases on three formats on three different labels.

Split Releases. Besides collaborations, DWM has also shared releases with other artists.

Ten Inch Vinyl. As lovers of vinyl, DWM obviously had to put out a few records on this cool format.

Tesendalo. The long standing project of DWM member Peter Schuster, DWM also released several collaborations with Tesendalo.

Unauthorised Recordings. These releases came out without our approval and are not official DWM releases.

Verato Project. A sub-label of Suggestion Records devoted to recordable CD-R releases.

Vinyl Etchings. Besides vinyl etchings on DWM releases, DWM also produced vinyl etchings for these artists, not released on MT.

Vinyl LPs on MT Undertainment. DWM members always loved vinyl, so for as long as it was technically and financially possible, DWM went ahead and recorded and released as many vinyl albums as possible, many of which were released on their own MT Undertainment labels.

Vinyl Singles on MT Undertainment. DWM released many vinyl singles on their own MT Undertainment labels, most of which included full booklets integrated into the covers with lyrics and art.

Vinyl Singles on various labels. Many DWM singles came out on other labels. Here is all you would ever like to know about these collectable singles.

Witches. This project, which spanned several years and involved writing, music, and a series of paintings, was inspired by the witches novels of Anne Rice.


Books and Publications:

Art Books. Not all our books contain DWM literature. Some feature graphic work by DWM artists.

ART.I.FAX. A series of one-sheet art publications that can only be collected if you have access to a fax machine.

Cable Of Tontents. A limited edition series of three booklet publications featuring stark black and white copy machine art.

Diverse Books. Novels and short stores can be found here.

Diverse Poetry Books. Diverse poetry books written and released by Joseph B. Raimond.

Doc Wör Mirran writings. Over a period of several years, Joseph B. Raimond produced 200 "poems", the difinitive series of DWM writings, released as two seperate books.

Edges. A project spanning three decades, and involving a book as well as an ongoing series of both paintings and recordings, and even ceramics!

Plop Art. Another long running series of graphic works, released as booklets, hardcover books and graphic CD-Rs.

Poetry Booklets. Little booklets with poetry and graphics by diverse DWM members.

Western Haiku. A series of small pocketbooks written by Joseph B. Raimond, featuring traditional 3 line Haiku poetry.

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